Position Description

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Position Description

Position Title: Mentor
Position Category: Personal Support Worker
Location: TBD
Travel Required: 25+%
Compensation: $17 per hour
Position Type: Independent Contractor

Role and Responsibilities

The work of a Personal Support worker is directed by a plan of care developed by the Oregon Department of Human Services. The Personal Support worker does not organize the care plan, however is responsive to it in supporting the client.

Position expectations are defined as the following and may include, but are not limited to, in-home supports and skills:

  • Cooking, cleaning, medication assistance, scheduling, attend medical appointments, shopping, transportation, housing, and budgeting
  • Skill development and support defined in the individual’s ISP
  • Documentation of progress notes with each shift


High School Diploma or equivalent


  • Overall competency in working under pressure
  • Experience in providing general care and support
  • Knowledge of home care services
  • Proficient in written communication
  • Proficient in oral communication

General Independent Contractor or Staff Qualifications: A staff member delivering services to an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be legally eligible to work in the United States
  • Hold a current, valid, and unrestricted professional license or certification where services and supervision require specific professional education, training, and skill
  • Understand requirements of maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding individual information
  • Not be on the list of excluded or debarred providers maintained by the Office of the Inspector General
  • Be literate and capable of understanding written and oral orders
  • Be able to communicate with Individuals, health care providers, case managers, and appropriate parties to the client
  • Be able to respond to emergency situations at all times services are being delivered
  • Be certified in CPR and First Aid by a recognized training agency within 90 calendar days of activation of contracting – and maintain it every 2 years
  • Receive 12 hours of job-related in-service training annually
  • Have clear job responsibilities as described in a current signed and dated position description
  • If transporting individuals, have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance in compliance with the laws of the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Additional qualifications required by applicable program rules for the staff of an agency endorsed to those rules


Standards for Professional Conduct

Professionalism and leadership are critical skills necessary for the success of K.I.D.S., LLC. All staff and caregiving professionals working with K.I.D.S. LLC are expected to illustrate high standards of professional behavior in all settings.


  1. Be true to character:
    1. Always be honest and truthful
    2. Be a person of ethical character in professional relationships
    3. Always do the right thing
    4. If there is a conflict of values or motivations that you think involves something illegal, dangerous, unethical, or unprofessional, seek guidance from your Administrator.
    5. Contractors or staff of K.I.D.S. may not use clients contact information for personal gain.
  2. Lead with a vision:
    1. Have passion and energy
    2. Be Inspired, Be inspiring
  3. Manage with a plan:
    1. Understand the goals of those you work with by carefully reviewing the individuals’ ISP
    2. Create actionable items that will help them achieve their goals
  4. Prioritize your time:
    1. Use a schedule/calendar to keep track of your weekly appointments
    2. “Sync” calendar with clients each week
    3. Demonstrate punctuality in professional environments
    4. Adhere to established times for classes, professional experiences, and meetings
    5. Comply with established oral and written deadlines
    6. Respond to requests (written, oral, email, telephone) in a timely fashion (see attendance policy)
    7. Document progress notes daily so as not to fall behind
  5. Live the Golden Rule in business and in life:
    1. Treat others as you want to be treated
    2. Use the power of kindness
    3. Be caring and give service to others
    4. Put others first
  6. Build and maintain trust:
    1. Give trust and be trustworthy
    2. Do high quality work and finish it on schedule
    3. Be consistent so others will see you as reliable
    4. Follow through and be responsive
    5. Be open in communicating commitments
    6. Be willing to have your performance measured
    7. Communicate your intentions and motives so that your actions are transparent
    8. Always tell the truth
  7. Be an effective communicator:
    1. Give others your full attention
    2. Seek to listen, understand, and fully capture the other person’s point of view
    3. Control anger, opinions, pride, emotional baggage, tendency to take offense, and focus on true listening
    4. Formulate written communications with professional content and tone
    5. Ensure the confidentiality of communications that contain personal information by complying with federal and state regulations (HIPPA)
    6. Conduct interactions with clients and their families in a professional manner
  8. Innovate through imagination:
    1. Be open and flexible
    2. Be curious and ask questions
    3. Be a person who brainstorms possibilities
  9. Accountability:
    1. Demonstrate dependability to carry out responsibilities
    2. Take personal responsibility for mistakes and be open about it
    3. Control what you can control
    4. Follow through with what you say you will do
  10. Apply the power of knowledge:
    1. Work hard to think clearly and understand the real causes and effects of events and situations.
    2. Don’t jump to conclusions
    3. Take responsibility for learning
  11. Empathy and cultural diversity:
    1. Differentiate appropriate interpersonal interaction with respect to culture, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, and sexual orientation
    2. Be aware and accepting of cultural differences
    3. Develop cultural knowledge
  12. Professional conduct:
    1. Display professional behavior toward faculty, staff, clients, volunteers, and other health professionals in all settings
    2. Show regard for persons of authority in all workplace settings
    3. Exhibit professional behavior when representing K.I.D.S. LLC in extracurricular activities and professional meetings
    4. A Provider of K.I.D.S., LLC may NOT eat or use a client’s food or household items. This includes sharing a prepared dinner made from clients privately purchased food. Provider’s need to bring his/her own meals to work.
    5. Providers will maintain professionalism by not engaging in other provider “gossip”. This can affect the progress of clients and the culture of K.I.D.S. If you are having a disagreement that can’t be resolved by first talking together, please contact a member of administration.
    6. To protect yourself, Providers should draw a line between personal life and work life. Never disclose personal life matters or struggles with clients of K.I.D.S.
  13. Appearance:
    1. Clothing must be clean
    2. Hair should be clean, neatly styled, and of a “natural” hair color (i.e., not colors unnatural to human hair).
    3. Body odor should not be apparent.
    4. The use of perfumes, aftershaves, and other noticeable scents should be avoided.
    5. Clothing that is too tight or is revealing (including bare midriffs, cleavage or transparent) is prohibited.
  14. Cell Phone:
    1. There is a “No Tolerance” for personal use of cell phones while servicing clients. If you must use your phone for emergencies, please let your client know. Otherwise, all cell phone use must be Agency and client related.
  15. Mandatory Abuse Reporting:
    Please see Mandatory Abuse Reporting Form
  16. Insurance:
    1. All staff and contractors of K.I.D.S. LLC must obtain and maintain proper auto insurance, and at minimum hold liability insurance.
  17. Gifts:
    1. Any gift offered to staff of K.I.D.S. LLC must be documented immediately. Failure to do so could be viewed as financial exploitation or theft.
    2. A contractor of K.I.D.S. LLC should never take a gift from a client (This includes, but not limited to: food, household items, coffee, clothing).
      If you have any questions or hesitations about accepting a gift, please contact a member of administration.
  18. Incident Reports:
    1. IR’s MUST be submitted to a member of the administrative team of K.I.D.S. LLC within 24 hours of incident.
    2. Reports are to be written on the template provided using black or blue ink only.
    3. Reports must be legible and factual.
    4. Please accurately document the date, time, location, and type of incident. In some cases, you should also document what lead up to the incident and what transpired after.
    5. In addition to submitting the IR to info@kidsnw.org, please call the office at at (503) 437-4917 and leave one detailed message with the clients’ initials and the incident that occurred.
  19. Client confidentiality:
    1. Always use clients’ initials when referring to a client of K.I.D.S. LLC. (ex. John Smith = JS)
    2. Never give detailed information of clients to anyone who does not work with the client.
    3. Do not share client contact information with anyone outside of the client’s plan of care list.
  20. Progress notes:
    1. Progress notes are to be documented daily on a Google Drive doc sheets the administration of K.I.D.S. LLC provides.
    2. There is a minimum of 5 sentences per client, per shift.
      1. Please see the approved phrase list to assist you in writing notes
    3. Please only use client’s initials (ex. Jane Rogers = JR)
    4. Please be sure that the notes you are writing speak to the individual’s goals
      1. You may not assist in homework or testing
  21. Billing/Monthly paperwork:
    1. Timesheets/Mileage logs are due on the 5th and 21st of each month.
    2. All timesheets must be completed from top to bottom and signed by client and provider.
    3. Pay is distributed by either paper check or automatically deposited into your checking account on the 1st and 15th of each month.
    4. Failure to submit paperwork due the 5th and 21st of each month will result in late pay.
    5. Please submit all timesheets to timesheets@kidsnw.org.
  22. Contract status:
    1. You are an Independent Contractor and not an employee. You do not qualify for paid sick/medical/vacation days or medical insurance or unemployment.
    2. In replace of those benefits, K.I.D.S. LLC pays a competitive wage to our contractors.
    3. You may work as many hours as you like as there is NO cap on hours.
    4. You are responsible to hold and track records of your business expenditures during the business year.
  23. Privacy:
    1. At no time may an K.I.D.S. LLC staff member or contractor post, share photos, or share private information of clientele.
    2. Staff and contractors of K.I.D.S. LLC should always use only client initials when referencing current or prior clients unless in a HIPPA safe location.
  24. Drug Free Workplace:
    1. We are a drug free workplace. At NO TIME should an K.I.D.S. LLC staff member or contractor drink alcohol or use controlled substances while on duty with K.I.D.S. client.
    2. Those who are thought to be under the influence will be immediately removed from K.I.D.S. clients’ and an abuse report will be filed.

By agreeing to this K.I.D.S. LLC Handbook of Policies you are committing to follow these rules and guidelines set in place. Any staff member or contractor of K.I.D.S. LLC found to be in violation of its policies is subject to immediate termination at minimum.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

K.I.D.S., LLC Policy Handbook

Vision Statement – Committed to connecting high quality Personal Direct Support workers with individuals with Intellectual/Physical disabilities. We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and reliability.

Contract Status: Each Mentor is regarded as an Independent Contractor. Your Contract is considered to be At-Will and at any time K.I.D.S., LLC is no longer satisfied with your services, you will be removed from your clientele. Each Contractor does reserve the same right.

Professional Conduct: K.I.D.S., LLC holds itself, staff, and Contractors to a very high standard. The following is what is expected from all K.I.D.S., LLC hired hands:

  • Maintain humility and keep the intention of “How May I Serve?” in each interaction with your client
  • Place the integrity of the profession and the interests of clients above your own interests
  • Act with moral uprightness, competence, and respectfulness
  • Maintain and develop your professional expertise
  • Seek to understand what your clients’ needs are
  • Being on time is a priority
  • Do not gossip
  • Go above and beyond what is expected of you
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • If you mess up, fess up
  • Be a person who can be trusted
  • Be transparent, respectful, and open in your communication

Cell Phone Policy: While working with your client, cell phones are not to be used for personal reasons. This includes receiving calls, sending text messages or emails. If there is an urgent matter that requires your immediate attention please let your client know and use your best judgement. Otherwise, all cell phone use needs to be work related only.

Attendance Policy: K.I.D.S., LLC strive for excellence in all we do. We set a strict attendance policy for our Mentores. The Attendance Policy is as follows:

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment (without notifying
    your client ahead of time) it will be counted as a “No Show”.
  • All “No Shows” will be evaluated and documented as such. No Shows can be grounds for immediate termination of clientele with K.I.D.S., LLC.
  • 24 hours’ notice by phone is expected for cancellations. Email messages and texts by cell phone will not constitute a cancellation. It is important you document and track your contact and cancelation(s) with your clients as it may need to be used as a form of proof later.
  • K.I.D.S., LLC reserves the right to terminate any contract or agreement including clientele with any Mentor who does not adhere to K.I.D.S., LLC Attendance Policy.

Billing Requirements: In order to maintain efficiency without error K.I.D.S., LLC ask that all hired hands adhere to the EOM (End Of Month) billing process. In order to continue work with the clientele of K.I.D.S., LLC all hired hands will follow EOM Billing Requirements.

  • All progress notes are preferred to be done each evening, but no later than Sunday at 11pm for the week prior.
  • There is a minimum of five sentences for each client, per shift.
  • All client timesheets are due the 21st and the 5th of the month (Paychecks are directly deposited or are available by paper check on the 1st and the 15th of the month). Timesheets must be completed from top to bottom, with the client’s full signature and dated. Your name, the client’s name, and month should all be legible. Any delays in receiving the information required on the dates provided will result in a delay of pay.
  • Scan all timesheets into one PDF file and submit to timesheets@kidsnw.org. You will receive a confirmation email but this does not ensure your accuracy or that the timesheet was received on time.

“Join Their Journey” A New Client Expectation: A Supervisor or Case Manager should introduce you to the client and the family on your first shift.

  • It is important upon the first meeting at the client’s home that you get acquainted and make them feel comfortable
    • Get to know them by asking questions-
      • What is your vision/desired outcome for you/your loved one?
      • What can I do that would go above and beyond your expectations?
      • What are the top 3 goals you have for yourself/your loved one?
    • Observe that you are spending more time listening to them, less on talking
  • Share your caregiving history or experiences
  • Discuss favorite foods and personal interests to record information that may be helpful in creating plans in the future
  • Bonding over meals- Sit with the client during meals, even if you are not eating
  • Share your own interests as well

Being an Active and Alert Mentor Examples:

  • Encourage fluid intake to avoid dehydration (if in ISP)
  • Encourage exercise such as short walks or arm and leg lifts if they are capable. Be sure to monitor and stabilize the client while they ambulate (if applicable).
  • Monitor bathing for safety and water temperature; if needed, prepare bath water for the client (refer to clients’ ISP).
  • With their permission, check refrigerators and cabinets for spoiled or outdated food.
  • Ask what you can do to help make the day the best it can be for them
  • Maintain confidentiality of client information regarding their identity, their phone number, address, and health and lifestyle.
  • Always strive to arrive a few minutes early for your shifts. Call the client immediately if you are going to be late to allow them to adjust accordingly.
  • Make daily notations of client activity (progress notes).
  • Obtain and maintain your CPR/First Aid Certification.
  • Be humble and go above and beyond for your clients by seeking out way to improve your performance.
  • Report ANY and ALL suspected abuse and/or neglect as directed in your Mandatory Abuse Reporting Manual (ORS 430.765).
  • The overall culture of the agency is very important to K.I.D.S., LLC. Please feel confident in sharing comments, concerns or suggestions to any member of K.I.D.S., LLC.

Independent Contractor (IC) Expectations:

  • IC’s should maintain current and valid auto insurance
  • IC’s should obtain liability insurance
  • IC’s should maintain and carry a valid Oregon Driver’s License
  • IC’s are to complete 12 hours of job-related training annually
  • IC’s should hold a CPR/First Aid Certification on them at all times
  • All IC’s will remain an IC by following the federal and state guideline
  • IC’s should carry on them their Mandatory Abuse Reporting Cards
  • Keep records and receipts of business expenses- Examples include:
    • Auto Insurance
    • Phone Bill
    • Office Space
    • Car Maintenance
    • Mileage
    • Office Supplies

***Please see a licensed Tax Consultant for tax advice

Filing a Formal Complaint to K.I.D.S., LLC. If at any time you feel it is necessary to file a formal complaint to K.I.D.S., LLC after you have verbally spoken to a member of administration, please use the template form given, using blue or black ink only, and fill in accordingly. Please send the complaint to the office at: (503) 437-4917[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][vc_column_text]

K.I.D.S., LLC – Direct Support Worker Application


K.I.D.S., LLC is an equal employment opportunity agency We adhere to a policy of making contract decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age or disability. We assure you that your opportunity for employment or contractual basis with this depends solely on your qualifications. We are a drug free workplace.

APPLICANT NOTE: This application form is intended for use in evaluating your qualifications to contract with K.I.D.S., LLC, an independently and locally owned and operated Provider Agency. This is not an employment contract. Please answer all appropriate questions completely and accurately. False or misleading statements during the interview and on this form are grounds for terminating the application or discontinuing services provided by the contractor. All qualified applicants will receive consideration and will be treated throughout their term without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected class status under applicable law. We are a proud supporter of “Second Chances.” We are a drug free workplace.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space]

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • By submitting this form I understand that I am authorizing the following: *KIDS, LLC to contact me about services. *For KIDS, LLC to share any pertinent information, history, and documentation with the Direct Support Professional that I have selected to provide services so that they are educated on the care that is needed. I understand that I may revoke this approval to share information by emailing Info@kidsnw.org.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.