Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a referral?

Referrals can be submitted on our website:

I can’t find the contact information for my assigned Behavior Professional. How do I get in touch with them?

The contact information for your Behavior Professional can be found in the introductory email sent before the intake is scheduled. If this cannot be found, please call the office at (503) 437-4917 option 5 for the Behavior Team. Alternatively, feel free to email us at

How often will the Behavior Professional be available for in-person training, observations, etc?

The goal of behavior services is to empower care providers to engage in suggested strategies independently. Unlike Applied Behavioral Analysis or other services, the role of a Behavior Professional is not to visit and work with individuals on a weekly or monthly basis.

Most commonly, when new services begin for an individual, and the FBA/PBSP is being developed, Behavior Professionals will visit an individual or family 1-3 times in person over the first 90 days of working together to complete observations and training of the PBSP. After the PBSP training is completed, the individual or family may opt for Continued Support and Maintenance Services. During this time, the Behavior Professional may meet with families every 3 months on average to complete observations, receive updates for the PBSP, and provide additional training to care providers or new support staff.

A new staff member is working with me or my child. Can you train them on the PBSP?

Absolutely! We love training new staff! We may require a release of information before scheduling said training. Privacy of sensitive information is important to us!

Does KIDS LLC write and train providers on Protective Physical Interventions?

No. KIDS LLC does not provide recommendations or training on Protective Physical Interventions. However, we may provide suggestions of other trusted agencies or independent providers who do, depending on the locality.

My child is struggling with challenging behaviors in the school setting. Can you help?

Unfortunately, Behavior Services authorized through the K-Plan are intended only for in-home and community settings, which may include workplace locations for individuals this applies to. We recommend contacting FACT Oregon for support and resources.

How long does it take to create a Positive Behavior Support Plan?

Typically, from the day of intake, the Positive Behavior Support Plan will take 90 days to create. However, it is important to note that the plan may take longer to create when an individual or family is unable to complete needed appointments or communication in a timely manner. This may include: the completion of a home visit, communication throughout the process for additional questions, document approval, and completion of the initial training event.

We want to collaborate with individuals and care providers throughout this process to ensure our documentation is correct and person-centered.

My family and I are still cautious about Covid-19, or are experiencing other life circumstances that make it difficult to complete in-person services. Can we do virtual support?

We can complete support virtually with families when needed. Please discuss this with your service coordinator prior to starting services.

I already have a Positive Behavior Support Plan with KIDS. How do I track behavioral data?

Fantastic! As found in the PBSP, you can utilize this link to submit behavioral data. If you prefer a pen and paper version, please contact your Behavior Professional to provide this for you.

I already have a Positive Behavior Support Plan with KIDS, but it needs to be updated. How can I request this?

Typically, PBSPs are updated annually, unless there is a significant change in behavior, conditions, or otherwise. Please feel free to contact your behavior professional to request an update and we are happy to provide this! Your behavior professional will also provide reminders when the plan is due for updates.

How do I submit a complaint?

Kids Individual Development Disability Services or KIDS aims to take complaints of individuals or representatives seriously and adheres to Division 318, OAR 411-318-0015
regarding Individual rights, complaints, notification of planned action, and contested case hearings for developmental disability services. Complaints can be submitted by emailing:

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